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Due to Make-up Cover‘s uniqueness and worldwide popularity, many fakes are being produced around the world. Unfortunately, these imitations harm the product’s flawless reputation since these fakes do not have the same quality.

What’s more, they can be harmful to you and endanger your health. To be sure you are getting the authentic product for your money, please only buy from verified authorized resellers. Please see how you can recognize the original.


  • The original Make-up Cover is packed in a box that has a unified design for all shades of Make-up Cover. Inside the box, you will always find an instruction leaflet with a description in several languages and a gold-colored aluminum tube with a gold-colored cap filled with foundation.

  • The box for Make-up Cover always has the same design. It is dark grey with a pink stripe at the top of the box and incorporates gold Dermacol logos on the sides and a gold Trustseal on the back of the box.

  • The surface of the box is not smooth, it is a little bit rough because of its unique varnish with a combination of glossy and matte layers with special shimmering effects on the whole box.

  • On the front side of the box is a raised relief – the words DERMACOL MAKE-UP COVER are bolded and raised.

  • The upper and lower lids of the box also contain a surface relief of the Dermacol logo.

  • The box of original MU COVER is not covered with shrink foil.

  • Trustseal is a hot-stamped gold foil embedded directly into the box (not a sticker!) bearing the Dermacol logos, with special lighting effects. It’s located on the back side of the packaging in the pink stripe.

  • Trustseal always has one single form with the same graphic design, the same gold color and a unified size as you can see.

  • It is not possible to remove or peel off the Trustseal from the box because it is not a sticker.


The original Make-up Cover is filled into a gold-colored aluminum tube with a special coarse surface. It is not possible to fill the original Make-up Cover in anything other than an aluminum tube because of its unique texture that is only compatible with an aluminum tube. Therefore, you cannot find the original in a plastic cup or tube, in a glass bottle or in any other type of packaging.


If you are still not sure whether you have the original or fake from the look of the box or tube, you will be able to tell according to the texture after opening the tube and squeezing the foundation from the tube onto your hand.

The texture of original Make-up Cover is an anhydrous mass, so it is absolutely not a liquid foundation. The original is very thick and creamy. It does not leak out of the tube. It is necessary to squeeze it out. Also, the original Make-up Cover contains hydrophobic ingredients that repel water, so the original Make-up Cover is a waterproof foundation.

The original Make-up Cover with its very rich consistency and thick texture with a high content of pigments (more than 50%) ensures full coverage. Therefore, only the original can perfectly cover all skin imperfections such as: pigment spots, skin blemishes, loss of pigmentation, acne, dark circles under the eyes, veins and bruises, scars, large nevus (moles) or tattoos, even in a thin layer. This is because even a very small amount (just one drop) of the rich and high-covering texture of Make-up Cover is absolutely sufficient for the entire face and it covers all mentioned skin imperfections.

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